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Staggerlee: Started out with a morning blowjob. But when I started rubbing her sensitive nipple she moved her pussy over and started rubbing it on my leg. She came pretty hard after a bit and that made me blow my wad.....Awesome!

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Dec. 16, 2017    570,887    20    246
Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Staggerlee ( )



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flag as inappropriate masturbating too    June 30, 2018VResident
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unbelievably sexy. love her tits.

flag as inappropriate donn    June 30, 2018

Sexy clip!

flag as inappropriate Hotinct6    Feb. 21, 2018
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Id love to be fucking her pussy while she sucked your nice cock

flag as inappropriate ProfessorBill    Jan. 30, 2018VResident
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Super hot video of cockhead and nipples and cumming.
I would call this one "Tit for tat".
Thank you for baring and sharing.

flag as inappropriate RonB    Jan. 20, 2018
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So freaking HOT. Sure wish I was receiving that

flag as inappropriate saltpeeter    Jan. 13, 2018
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damn, i would've cum too.... i could almost feel the sensation of her tongue teasing the underside of your head bringing you to the edge before going for the deep strokes. good stuff!!!

flag as inappropriate Dick_Long    Dec. 22, 2017VResident
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FANTASTIC~!!!! ... I LOOOVED watching you suck cock!!! You are in the top 3 percent when it cums to cock sucking. That make you a cock sucking genus ,,, LOL!!

flag as inappropriate Gilbert    Dec. 20, 2017

Man she could divert it all she wanted for a job that good! Playing with her beautiful tits was a nice touch!

flag as inappropriate Redtoy    Dec. 17, 2017

She could do for me anytime !

flag as inappropriate sexyblonde    Dec. 17, 2017
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That got me wet

 staggerlee    Dec. 17, 2017VResident
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flag as inappropriate justrite    Dec. 17, 2017


flag as inappropriate Tyro    Dec. 16, 2017VResident
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very hot video!!

flag as inappropriate Wayne    Dec. 16, 2017
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Nice, hope she licked it up

flag as inappropriate Zeke    Dec. 16, 2017VResident
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Mmmm... Love the open mouth tongue out thing.... She needed to take your cum tho, not blow it all over your belly... Work on that... lol

 staggerlee & deee    Dec. 17, 2017VResident
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she likes to catch it but i try to sneak in a money shot once in a while....she doesn't care for that much and is good at diverting..............

flag as inappropriate Zeke    Dec. 17, 2017VResident
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Lmao... A "dodger" huh.... Well, how does she feel about facials... Those are always erotic....

flag as inappropriate Cum lover    Dec. 16, 2017
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Mmmmm, I’d like to suck you then swallow all of your cum

 staggerlee & deee    Dec. 17, 2017VResident
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what are you doing this minute.....wife is sleeping.......

flag as inappropriate jackin    Dec. 16, 2017VResident
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